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Fitbit 409, 403 and 400 Errors meaning

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While connecting a Fitbit device, you keep receiving the error 400, 403 or 409, do not worry, there is a solution for each particular error listed below: 

1.) Error: Request failed: bad request (400) – This is a cookie/cache issue; please have your web browsers’ cookies and cache cleared and attempt to connect to Fitbit through Virgin Pulse after this has been done. If the issue persists, even after clearing cache and cookies, please try to connect it on your personal computer/laptop or via the Virgin Pulse app. 

2.) HTTP: 403 Forbidden – This means that there is an unchecked box when allowing permissions. Make sure that when you attempt to connect your Fitbit account to Virgin Pulse, you have checked off all information pertaining to read/write permissions.

*Note: All data options must be selected in order to be able to connect to Fitbit. Do not worry, Virgin Pulse will only save and store your activity and sleep data.

3.) HTTP: 409 Conflict – This error has two meanings:

  1. The Fitbit account you are trying to pair to is currently paired to another Virgin Pulse account (Spouse, Friend, or previously owned account).  Determine who has used/connected member’s Fitbit account in Virgin Pulse, have the account disconnected from Virgin Pulse.
  2. The Fitbit account you are trying to pair cannot connect because another Fitbit account has been paired previously and it is still recognized as being connected to Virgin Pulse on the Fitbit platform. You would need to login to your account and locate the Profile section > Locate URL displaying 6 digit alpha-numerical Fitbit ID (ex.

Once you locate the Fitbit ID, please contact our Support Team and provide us with the Fitbit ID so we can investigate the issue.