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Global Get Active! Challenge

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What is Global Get Active! Challenge?

When can I register?

When does the challenge take place?

How can I join the Global Get Active! Challenge?

Is there a mobile app?

Can I earn rewards in the Global Get Active! Challenge?

Where can I learn more about how to sign‐up for the no‐cost Gympass membership?


Do I have to join a team?

How many people can be on a team?

If I join a team and change my mind, can I change to a different team?

Can I invite teammates to join my team on the My Wellness site?

Can I invite people from outside the bank to join my team?

How can I check my team’s activity and see how other teams are doing?

Tracking activity or steps

Can I use an activity tracker to count my steps?

If I don’t have an activity tracker, can I participate in the challenge?

Can I count other activity – like swimming or biking – as steps for Global Get Active! challenge?

If I don’t sync a device, can I enter steps manually?

Can I sync my activity tracker to my bank-issued computer?

Is there a limit on how many steps I can count in one day?

Syncing a device

How do I sync my device?

How do I turn on Apple Watch activity tracking?