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How to check if your Apple Watch and iPhone permission settings are set properly

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Let’s try the steps below and see if there is a setting that has been missed.

Go to Settings:

  • Click on Cellular.
  • Scroll down until you find the Virgin Pulse App, tap on the VP app and make sure the slide button is showing as Green.

Back to your Settings:

  • Go to Software Updates; make sure you have the latest version.

Back to Settings:

  • Click Privacy; scroll down to the Health App section and click to open.
  • Click on Virgin Pulse.
  • Under the “Allow Virgin Pulse to Write Data” section, make sure the slide button is green.
  • Under the “Allow Virgin Pulse to Read Data” section, make sure all slide buttons are green.

Back to the Privacy Settings:

  • Click on Motion and Fitness.
  • Click on Virgin Pulse. Make sure the slide button is green.

Back to Settings:

  • Scroll down to the Virgin Pulse section and click to open.
  • Be sure that Location is set to “always”.
  • Be sure Motion & Fitness slide button is green.
  • Your choice to turn on or off the Virgin Pulse Notifications and how you will see them.
  • Try turning on the Background App Refresh.
  • Try turning on the Cellular Data.
  • Make sure you are on the latest Virgin Pulse App version (3.173.1 or higher).
  • Ensure you are using the latest Virgin Pulse app version and the latest official version of the iOS on the iPhone.
  • In the Virgin Pulse Mobile app, tap on the “Profile” button and go to “Devices & Apps”.
  • Ensure Apple Watch shows as “My connected devices and apps”.