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How to track sleep using your Garmin

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You have a Garmin? That’s great! Besides tracking activity, most of the Garmin devices will also track your sleep activity.  


To enable Sleep Mode on the VivoActive:

  1. Navigate to Activity Tracking widget
  2. Press Menu
  3. Select Start Sleep

To enable Sleep Mode on the VivoFit:

  1. Press and hold device key (Will cycle through several modes)
  2. Release device key when watch displays “SLEEP”
  3. Press and hold device key to exit sleep mode (Goes back to a normal display)

To enable Sleep Mode on the VivoSmart:

  1. Double tap display to wake device
  2. Touch and hold display to access menu
  3. Touch moon icon
  4. Touch OK when “Sleep?” appears
  5. Exit sleep mode by touching moon icon (Hold for 2-3 seconds)

Once your tracker syncs with your account,  you will be able to view your sleep stats under the “Tracking” menu, by clicking on “Stats” and scrolling down to the section labeled “SLEEP”.