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US Wellness FAQs

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What are the wellness activities?

When can I start my wellness activities?

How do I maintain my wellness credit?

How can I check the completion status of my health screening and questionnaire?

How do I confirm my coronavirus vaccination status?

Are there any accommodations being offered with respect to the wellness activity of confirming my coronavirus vaccination status?

When do I receive the wellness credits?

How can my spouse or partner check the completion status of their wellness activities?

How soon can I schedule my screening? or How soon can my spouse or partner schedule his/her screening?

Can I or my spouse or my partner visit a physician to complete a health screening?

Will my health screening be covered at 100% if I go to my doctor?

If I am pregnant or have a medical condition, do I have to complete a health screening and health questionnaire to be eligible for the wellness credit?

What happens if I/my spouse/my domestic partner can’t finish the wellness activities by the February 28, 2022 deadline?

I’m concerned that someone else is going to see my/my spouse/my partner screening results and my/my spouse/my partner health questionnaire. Who gets a copy ofmy/our wellness activity results?

What happens if I/my spouse/my partner fail(s) my/their health screening or health questionnaire?

I am not currently enrolled in a Bank of America medical plan in 2021 but I plan to enroll/have enrolled for 2022. I would like to start my wellness activities immediately. Am I eligible to do that?

What is the My Wellness platform?

What is Virgin Pulse?

How do I (a Bank employee) register for the My Wellness platform?

How does my spouse get access to the My Wellness platform? or How do I (a spouse or partner of a Bank employee) register for the My Wellness platform?

I visited the registration page and am seeing a “name not found” error – what does this mean?

How do I log in to my account after registering?

Is there a Virgin Pulse app that I can download on my smartphone?

What happens to my My Wellness account if I leave Bank of America?

What are the Virgin Pulse Member Services support center hours and number?

What are the Alight GHR service center hours and number?

What are the Kaiser Permanente Rewards support center hours and number?

What are the Quest Diagnostics support center hours and number?

Is my health information confidential, and how is it shared?

How do I reset my password?

How can I connect a device?

If biometrics from my health screening that are incorrect how do I have them corrected?

Where can I view my screening results?

How do I find my person number?

How do I get the form for completing screenings at MinuteClinic®?

I’ve completed my screenings and I’m still showing incomplete?

I’ve noticed that the mobile app times out periodically?

How often do I have to change my password?

What type of physician visits count for completing the wellness screening activity?

Given the current pandemic, is there a different way to complete the health screening for Wellness 2022?