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Which Garmin devices are supported in Virgin Pulse?

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Virgin Pulse will support the following Garmin devices. You can earn rewards for your steps or workout minutes tracked with any of the devices listed (indicated below).

DeviceStepsWorkout Minutes
Garmin Approach S20XX
Garmin Approach X40XX
Garmin D2 BravoXX
All Garmin Edge Devices X
Garmin Epix X
All Garmin Fenix DevicesSomeX
All Garmin Forerunner DevicesSomeX
Garmin FR60 X
Garmin FR70 X
Garmin Quatix 3XX
Garmin Swim X
Garmin Tactix X
Garmin Tactix BravoXX
Garmin VivoActiveXX
Garmin VivoActive HRXX
All Garmin Vivosoft DevicesXX
All Garmin VivoSmart DevicesXX
Garmin VivoSport X

To determine which devices track steps or workouts and which is right for your fitness goals, please visit to learn more about the devices.